Git is an open-source tool that has become the dominant SCM - both in enterprise and open-source development.

Training courses for Git.

Introduction to Git.

An introduction to the philosophy of Git and its basic principles:

  • Distributed SCM systems
  • Git workflows
  • Hashes and revisions
  • Git commits
  • Git hosting tools

Git for Subversion Developers.

A migration-focused training allowing Subversion developers to become accustomed to the Git way:

  • Distributed vs Centralised SCM systems
  • Choosing the right Git workflow
  • Tracking content, not files
  • Merging and rebasing
  • Comparison of the commands available in Git and Subversion.
  • Migrating from Subversion

Git Workflows.

In depth discussion of the various workflows that are possible with Git:

  • The KISS principle
  • Trunk-based development
  • Feature-based branches
  • Feature toggles
  • Development vs release branches