Maven is an open-source build tool, that has become a de-facto standard in many enterprises.

While Maven is very powerful, with power comes some complexity. It is essential for development teams to become comfortable with the build tool to make it a productive element of their tool stacks.

Training courses for Maven.

Introduction to Maven.

An introduction to the philosophy of Maven and its basic principles.

  • Maven model
  • Maven lifecycle
  • Maven plugins
  • Maven profiles
  • Maven dependency management

Maven for JVM development

An in-depth discussion of how Maven can help your development team organise an organic, modularised component structure.

  • Maven versioning
  • Repository managers
  • Maven releases
  • Making profiles work
  • Advanced dependency management

Maven for Native development

While Maven itself is written in Java, it can support development in native languages, especially in a mixed-language environment.

  • Interacting with external build systems
  • Maven vs native build systems
  • Sharing built artifacts via repository managers
  • Building native Linux artifacts
  • Building native Windows artifacts

Maven Repository Managers

Maven has introduced the concept of repository manager. We discuss the principal ones available.

  • The role of repository managers
  • Maven vs non-Maven artifacts
  • Artifactory
  • Nexus